Natural disasters strike everywhere: Ways to help protect your health
Increasingly, floods, fires, and extreme weather stemming from climate change are contributing to large-scale health and safety issues for people everywhere. There are steps you and your family can take to help protect your health.
15 Healthy and Delicious Meal Ideas for When You Hit a Rut
Check out these 15 delicious and healthy meal ideas that are husband and child-approved for when you hit that inevitable meal planning rut. I finally figured out a photo organization system that works for me. ::cue the angels:: Considering the mass amount of pictures I take on a weekly basis, that’s no...
Can music improve our health and quality of life?
Humans’ relationship with music is complex and individual, and there are times when music can have a clear and immediate impact on our well-being. Music therapy uses music as a therapeutic tool to address certain health care goals.
10 Easy Tips to Balance Hormones Naturally
When it comes to health, hormones and gut microbiome play a big role. Even if everything else is dialed in, these factors can destroy health. On the flip side, regulating hormones and fixing our gut can do a lot to boost health. Even if your supplements and diet aren’t optimal. There are even studies about …
Recognizing and preventing sun allergies
No one is truly allergic to the sun, but some people may develop mild to serious reactions after spending time in the sun, especially if they have not been exposed to sunlight during winter. The most common "sun allergy" is polymorphous light eruption, an autoimmune condition of the skin.
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